Memories of Peggy, by Ree Coleman

These are a few (of many) of my favorite things about Peggy:
- She made the BEST salads with every possible yummy ingredient imaginable!
- She made her own clothes -- such an inspiration
- She gave me the most fun Christmas gift in 2015 - a funky apron with images of Paris on the front -- I wear it all the time when cooking and chuckle.
- Her art hanging in our home inspires beauty, peace, and creativity
- She laughed out loud at the drop of a hat. She LOVED to laugh
- in 2004, the Tribe went to Vermont and Peggy was in her painting Lichens phase. On the side of a mountain we found a patch of the most luciously soft groundcover and we all laid down in the softness and stared at the sky while hikers passed us on the trail laughing at us
- I have Peggy's homemade artistic Christmas cards I still hang on our tree (and Amelia's too)
- At parties, I would look around the room and Britt and Peggy would have their arms around each other. To see that depth of love and tenderness after 40+ years was heart opening to observe.
- Peggy helped me make a Memorial Bird Bath with my sister Patty's ashes. Today the birds still perch on a variety of crystals, gems and minerals and enjoy bathing in it, as much as I love observing them splashing away. Peggy honored death as much as she honored life....
- Peggy was always so proud of her gardens and plants -- always creating beauty in her space
- I loved to ask her to tell stories of the 1970's when she had a clothing store in Cambridge, MA

Rest in Peace Peggy -- you may be gone, but will never be forgotten.