Update 5/10/15: This is very close to a complete collection of Peggy's canvases, plus or minus 10 paintings.

Peggy's oil painting is what occupied the bulk of her career as an artist. Her earliest works in oil date to ~1965, and culminate with a series of finished (and a couple unfinished) works depicting the Great Marsh on the north coast of Massachusetts.
Many of her earlier works focus on Cape Ann, and the areas in and around Gloucester (such as Lanes Cove and Diamond Cove). There is also a strong focus on the Rocky Narrows Reservation and other areas around the outer Charles River.

1960s The earliest works.
1970s Many abstract works and small oil canvases.
1980s A focus on Texas and South America, abstracts.
1990s An incredible decade - molded canvas and landscapes of New England.
2000s Lichen, Rocky Narrows, the Charles River.
2010-2015 The Great Salt Marsh in Essex.