A Poem

In Loving Memory of My Mother

Margaret 'Peggy' Weber

My mother was the most incredible, caring, and inspiring woman I will ever know in my life, and if only she were here today to hear me say that to her. There are so many memories I have with her, whether it be being twirled around in her arms in the cool waters of Farm Pond in Sherborn, of watching her paint in her studio, or walking with her and our family through the forests of eastern Massachusetts. There are countless others, all with a special place in my heart, forever. But, the one unifying factor in all of these memories is this: the natural world around us. She invited us all to see the world through her eyes, and to cherish it as our home to protect. So, not surprisingly, I have always imagined her as a part of the landscapes and worlds she has created. Now I will always take comfort in knowing she is all around us, guiding us with the light she has let into all of our lives.

Most of you know that I have never been much for talking, and maybe only some of you know that the best way I have always been able to express myself is through poetry. This is something my mother and my family have always known about me and have supported throughout my life. So, I have written a poem about my mother in the way I have always seen her, through joy and through pain, becoming a part of the natural world she filled with hope and laughter.

As You Become The Earth

When you go up in flames
let the warmth take you in.
Settle in the deep, bask
in the heat. Eternal summer
in a world of a thousand suns.

When you lift into the air,
hold us tight,
don't let go,
as to prepare for
your greatest journey yet.

When you wave goodbye
hold our hearts
to make your final mark.

When you become the earth,
a spinning complexity,
your spirit moving
through a universe of uncertainty.

When you become the earth,
let my feet ground you
as you move over the landscape
spreading your love
like grass seeds in the wind.

When you become the earth,
let your laughter echo,
a boom of thunder, or
the sudden eager motion of
a wave hitting the beach.

As you become the earth,
Your smile
spreads across my face.