Memories of Peggy by Ginnie Saunders

Hi Amelia,

I can’t begin to imagine the shock and pain you are going through right now. I grew up with your mom; we were toddlers together on Windemere Road and we went to grammar and high school together. Your mom was so wonderful! I can’t remember a single incident growing up where she was anything but nice, with never an unkind word for anybody. I’m so glad that she and I reconnected beginning in 2000 at the WaynesWorld neighborhood reunion. I am sending the one photo I have of her from the 2000 reunions and the rest are all from the high school reunion in 2011. If you want me to send you any of them at higher res, just let me know. (I’m a pro at retouching if you want someone cropped out or any enhancements.) And please, if there is anything I can do for you or your family, don’t hesitate to ask.